Shore Memorial Hospital’s Palliative Care Program Receives $30,000 Grant from the Aetna Foundation

December 20, 2010

Shore Memorial Hospital’s Palliative Care program has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Aetna Foundation.

The grant will help to support a patient and family meeting program for patients in Shore Memorial’s Intensive Care Unit. The meetings provide an opportunity for patients and their family members to collaborate with physicians and hospital staff in creating their care plan and ensuring that the patient’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs are being met.

“Communication is one of the most important issues to patients and their families when they are admitted to an ICU,” says Maureen Deely, manager of the Palliative Care program. “The ICU is often very unfamiliar territory for the patient and the family and can be very overwhelming. The family meetings will provide an avenue for sharing of information, both from the physicians and clinical staff and also empowering the patient and family to share his or her goals of care”.

Shore Memorial’s Palliative Care Program is designed to help individuals with serious illnesses to live comfortably, and to provide them with the highest quality of life by addressing their physical comfort, emotional health and spiritual needs.

For more information about the Palliative Care Program, call 609-926-4283.