Shore Medical Center offers matching grant to Theater Collaborative of South Jersey

November 22, 2011

Shore Medical Center has lifted the curtain on a new era in health care, so it’s only fitting the organization is helping Gateway Playhouse do the same.

Shore has offered the Theater Collaborative of South Jersey (TCSJ) a matching grant of $100,000 to jumpstart the restoration of Gateway Playhouse on Bay Avenue. The project involves rebuilding the 100-year-old theater’s interior from the ground up, ensuring it thrives into its second century.

The Gateway Playhouse is located a few blocks down Bay Avenue from Shore Medical Center. In return for Shore’s generosity, TCSJ has offered Shore use of the 250-seat theater as an educational space at times when the playhouse is otherwise dark.

Extensive renovation plans for the theater include repairs to its foundation and roof; upgrading and expansion of restrooms; replacement of theater seating, carpeting and painting; and adding energy efficient siding. Plans call for the theater to reopen next year.

For more information about Gateway Playhouse, including opportunities to help restore the historic theater, visit