Shore Memorial Employee Elected to New Jersey State Assembly Association of Surgical Technologists

October 02, 2008

Margaret “Maggie” Sterling, an educator at Shore Memorial Hospital, was elected to the Board of Directors of the New Jersey State Assembly Association of Surgical Technologists during their annual meeting in Atlantic City on September 20. Sterling, who was also a guest speaker at the meeting, presented the topic "Ancient Surgery: Egyptian, Greek and Roman."

The New Jersey State Assembly Association of Surgical Technologists is a professional organization dedicated to educating the public about the role of certified surgical technologists in surgical care. The organization seeks to promote legislative efforts toward mandatory certification and standardized education to ensure the quality of surgical care for patients in New Jersey.

Also a writer, Sterling has published articles in The Surgical Technologist, the official journal of the Association of Surgical Technologists. Her past writings include topics such as ancient Greek and Roman surgical practices, pulmonary embolism and autologous blood transfusions.

Sterling, a Somers Point resident, is a licensed practical nurse and certified surgical technologist. She has worked at Shore Memorial since July 1998 as the educational coordinator for surgery. Her responsibilities as coordinator include planning, implementation and evaluation of educational sessions for Shore Memorial’s Surgical Services Department employees. She has also served as an instructor for the hospital’s Postgraduate Perioperative Nursing Program and serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Health Professions Institute at Atlantic Cape Community College.