Patient Safety

Patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients that are associated with health care. Shore Medical Center has taken a proactive approach to patient safety by implementing teams led by front line staff and executives in an effort to design or re-design a patient-centered system that aims to improve quality of care and patient safety.

A Culture of Safety:
A hospitals first obligation in health care is to “do no harm” and here at Shore we have devoted ourselves to creating a Culture of Safety for our patients, their families, and our employees. An essential component of a successful patient safety organization is a strong safety culture. In a recent Accreditation Manual release by The Joint Commission they stated that “a safety culture operates effectively when the hospital fosters a cycle of trust, reporting, and improvement.” Shore has worked tirelessly to establish that trust which will make staff more likely to report patient safety events, and when these events are reported our hospital is able to use those reports to inform our improvement efforts.

Our patients and their families:
Our organizations Patient Experience team works diligently to address any needs of patients who may have or have had an issue during their stay or that may be communicated after discharge. Should you have any concerns related to your stay or family members stay at our organization please call: 609-653-3500 and ask to speak with the patient experience team.



Tips for Improving your Patient Experience:


  • Always have an updated medication and conditions list available.
  • Ask your health care professional when they walk in to your room to administer care if they have washed their hands.
  • Ask questions if anything is not clear
  • Be sure that all of the information on your ID bracelet is correct. If it falls off immediately ask your nurse for a new one.
  • If family and friends are not feeling well ask that they not visit you or anyone in the hospital
  • “Call don’t Fall!” Don’t feel that you’re a burden. Our staff is there to help you around the clock. If you need assistance moving around call your nurse for assistance in order to prevent a fall or injury.