Campaign for Exceptional Births

Shore Medical Center has launched an exciting new fundraising initiative, "Campaign for Exceptional Births," that will allow us to provide parents with an even more incredible birth experience. Shore’s goal for this campaign is offset the purchase of 10 new fetal monitors – the most important tool we use to ensure a healthy and safe delivery.

The Importance of Fetal Monitors:

From the moment a mother-to-be enters the hospital to the moment her baby is born, she is connected to a fetal monitor. Fetal monitors consist of two straps and sensors attached to a machine, which measures a baby’s heart rate as well as the mother’s uterine contractions. Together, these measurements tell the labor and delivery team important information about the baby, including whether the umbilical cord is causing distress or if the baby is receiving enough oxygen through the placenta. From these readings we work with the obstetrician to determine if intervention is needed.

With all technology, there comes a time when it must be replaced. For our fetal monitors, that time is now. While our current monitors are still effective, newer monitors have flatter, more sensitive sensors and are more accurate with movement. They will allow a mother to use a bathtub or shower, bounce on a birthing ball, and move her body in ways that alleviate pain. At the same time, our team can be assured that the monitors are still capturing the most accurate information.

Studies show that movement during labor can help shorten the duration of labor, lessen pain, decrease the chances the mother will need an epidural or a C-section, and ultimately lead to a more satisfying birth experience for the mother, and a healthy baby. Not only do these new fetal monitors improve the mother’s mobility and decrease risk of C-sections, they also improve the efficacy of monitoring for mothers whose body type makes monitoring more difficult.

Campaign Support

To support this campaign, click here and select “Campaign for Exceptional Births” in your donation form, and your gift at any level will go directly toward the purchase of fetal monitors.