Healing by Design

The Cancer Center at Shore Medical Center was conceived, designed and built specifically to support the special needs of cancer patients, their families and friends. It represents the new look of 21st century, patient-centered cancer care – a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach combining clinical excellence with patient comfort and convenience.

A blend of leading-edge technology and beautiful design, the Cancer Center supports the technical needs of physicians, radiation therapists, physicists, nurses and other specialists while providing a convenient, safe, caring and attractive atmosphere of healing, privacy and dignity.

The Cancer Center is a free-standing facility on the Shore Medical Center Campus, conveniently located at the corner of Shore Road and Medical Center Way. The exterior design blends with residential development in the area. Inside, the feeling is inspiring – a quiet, tastefully decorated space that is welcoming and relaxing.
Every aspect of the design was chosen to reduce stress, with muted colors, warm wood and a generous use of natural light. The waiting areas, patient access and treatment rooms provide for different privacy requirements. Two waiting rooms are offered – one with television and the second a quiet waiting room.

The patient and family library offers research materials, cancer-related books and pamphlets and Internet access. The library is stocked with materials from the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and the Oncology Nursing Society. Materials are available in English and Spanish.