Financial Assistance

Shore Medical Center provides a full-range of healthcare services to our community regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. We recognize that a critical part of offering healthcare services includes mitigating concerns our patients may have related to billing matters.

Financial Assistance

This business philosophy is our commitment to the community, patients and family members we serve. It runs parallel to our not for profit mission and is evidenced by the following proactive measures taken by Shore Medical Center to provide financial assistance to our patients. Shore Medical Center endorses both the American Hospital Association and the New Jersey Hospital Association fair billing and collection guidelines. For more information, visit these websites, call or write:

American Hospital Association Headquarters One North Franklin Chicago, IL, 60606-3421 Phone: 312-422-3000

New Jersey Hospital Association 760 Alexander Road (PO Box 1) Princeton, NJ, 08543-0001 Phone: 609-275-4000

Self-Pay Discounting Program

Shore Medical Center has a discounting program to assist patients who are least able to pay. The policy is designed to provide financial relief to our self-pay population by reducing the medical center’s standard charge for services rendered. At the time of patient billing, the charges are reduced to an estimated cost of services.

State Charity Care Program

The medical center also ensures that all patients receive information pertaining to the State Charity Care Program for the uninsured and under-insured. To inquire about Shore’s Self-Pay Billing and Discount Policy, Charity Care or payment arrangements, contact the Patient Financial Services Credit and Collections Office.

Healthcare for the Uninsured

The State of New Jersey provides a telephone number to the general public for questions related to the New Jersey Department of Health, Health Care for the Uninsured Program. New Jersey State Department of Health call 1-800-367-6543 or write to: Healthcare for the Uninsured Program CN 360 Trenton, NJ, 08625-0360

Financial Counseling & Screening

Shore Medical Center also offers financial counseling and screening for patients to ensure that any potential third party coverage under other government programs, such as Medicaid, can be identified. This service is provided at no cost to the patient. The hospital approves payment arrangements for our patients who cannot pay their bills in full. These payment arrangements can be tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

We do not charge additional fees in the form of interest for carrying the balances being paid under these arrangements. The hospital absorbs a significant amount of bad debt annually (balances due by patients that are intentionally not paid), or are incurred as a result of mitigating circumstances, bankruptcy filings and other collection matters.

Collections & Billing Issues

Shore Medical Center pursues collection of balances rightfully owed by patients for services rendered and contracts with third party collection agencies for the purpose of collecting delinquent account balances. The collection agencies operate under the federal fair debt, credit and collection guidelines. Collection agency activity is closely monitored by the medical center to ensure that patient collection efforts are appropriate and in line with our customer service philosophy.

All patient complaints regarding dissatisfaction with services rendered or billing issues are handled promptly and in a courteous manner to ensure that customer service remains the focus of any patient concern. All complaints are considered valid and patient feedback is welcome with respect to disputed matters. The Patient Financial Services Department, Insurance Billing Office may be contacted at 609-653-3717.