What to Expect from Door to Discharge


When you arrive at Shore Medical Center's Emergency Department, you'll be assessed by the triage nurse. The Emergency Department team uses the Emergency Severity Index (ESI) - a five-level triage scale to improve patient flow through the emergency department system. The word triage is derived from the French trier, meaning to sort or choose. The five-level system enables Shore's triage nurses to greet incoming patients, assess their symptoms, vital signs, medical history and medications so that the most seriously ill and injured patients are seen first.


After you've been assessed by the triage nurse you may be placed in the treatment area or lounge and any necessary testing will begin. Remember not to eat or drink while you are waiting for treatment without first checking with the triage staff.


In the treatment area you will receive further evaluation by a physician who is a specialist in emergency medicine. Additional testing and treatments will be performed as indicated by your medical exam. These studies may take some time but are needed to complete your treatment plan. During the summer months we may direct you to our Quick Care Center for evaluation and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.


Registration information and identification will be requested once your treatment has begun. It is important to supply current and accurate local (and vacation) addresses and phone numbers, as well as the name of a contact person. We may need to contact you with important results or follow-up care after your visit. You will need to supply insurance information and applicable co-pays at the desk of the exit registrar upon discharge from the Emergency Department.


Your privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. Therefore, we ask you limit visitation of your family and friends to one visitor at the bedside. Special circumstances may determine the number of visitors allowed. All pediatric patients younger than 18 may have both parents or guardians accompany them into the treatment area.


Your condition may necessitate admission to Shore Medical Center. After your admission is processed an orderly will take you to your room.