Employee Giving

As employees of Shore Medical Center, we are fortunate not only have very meaningful work that speaks to our caring nature, but to also work at one of the most highly respected, community-oriented hospitals in the state of New Jersey.

Sustaining our mission requires good people, spirited minds and commitment. Through FOR SHORE, our team members have a unique opportunity to invest in their future, today.

FOR SHORE is an annual Program that allows our employees to support the mission and work of Shore Medical Center, as well as our local community, through the kindness of giving. We choose support causes such as:

Spirit of Shore - Supports projects and initiatives of the Spirit of Shore program and our Patient Centered Care mission.

Embrace Fund - Supports employees of Shore and their families who are experiencing financial hardships.

Gift Without Preference - When gifts are not restricted to one of the above funds they are used for the critical advancement of new technologies, facilities, and programs within our hospital where they will have the greatest impact.

No gift is too small. Simply participating in the FOR SHORE employee program conveys a powerful message to other employees and the community that Shore is worthy of our charitable support. 

For more information or to make a gift to FOR SHORE, contact the Foundation office at 609-653-3800.