Lightkeeper’s Society: 10 year Anniversary

Celebrating a Decade of Making a Difference at Shore Medical Center

The Lightkeeper’s Society at Shore Medical Center was established in 2008 to honor the outstanding commitment of annual donors who support healthcare at the Southern New Jersey Shore.

With an annual commitment of $5,000 to the Lightkeeper’s Society, your tax deductible gift will help further enhance the delivery of care at Shore. From physician and specialist recommendations to helping you navigate our health system, the Lightkeeper’s Society makes every effort to accommodate your healthcare needs. This includes providing you with personal assistance during an emergency situation. Should you or an eligible family member require medical attention, your Lightkeeper’s Liaison will meet you and your family in the emergency department of Shore Medical Center, offering support and guidance, as well as advocate on your behalf with hospital personnel, if needed.

As a thank you for their generosity, members of the Shore Medical Center Lightkeeper’s Society are eligible for a number of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Direct access to our 24/7 Lightkeeper Liaisons
  • Support and guidance during emergency situations
  • Advocacy on the members’ behalf with hospital personnel, if needed
  • A private room, when available, if admission to the Medical Center is required.

Your Lightkeeper Liaison will also assist you with:

  • Test and procedure appointments at Shore Medical Center
  • Express Admissions Processing (advanced notice required)
  • Expedited physician and testing appointment scheduling, when possible
  • Physician and specialist recommendations
  • Access to Shore Physician’s Group & related specialties
  • In-home care or aide recommendations

Additionally, Lightkeeper’s Society Members receive:

  • Annual invitation to the Medical Center President's Thank You Reception, an opportunity for Lightkeepers to speak candidly with the Medical Center President and Executive Team.
  • Free House Membership at Linwood Country Club & Greate Bay Country Club, South Jersey’s premier private golf clubs.