Millie Wheaton

“Last week, Ray knew that he needed to get to the hospital, quickly. On the way, I called the Lightkeeper’s Society hotline. Within 15 minutes of arriving in the Emergency Department, our Lightkeeper Liaison Joanne was at our side. She stayed with me for more than two hours while Ray was treated and made sure we were both taken care of every step of the way. Ray was admitted that evening, and first thing the next morning Mary McGuckin, the Lightkeeper’s Manager, visited for over an hour, keeping us company and making sure all of our needs were met.

Medical emergencies are scary and unexpected, and no one really feels prepared when they happen. But as Lightkeeper’s Society Members, we have the peace of mind that someone will always be there for us.”

Millie Wheaton & Ray Knorr
Marmora, New Jersey
Founding Lightkeeper Society Members