Behind the Scene: Access Management

July 15, 2021

Every person at Shore Medical Center contributes in some way to the care of the patients who come through our doors. Not everyone on the front lines is mending broken bones or monitoring oxygen levels but members of our Access Management team play a critical role in helping every patient begin their successful visit to Shore. Whether it is for a surgical procedure, having blood drawn, or a broken arm that brought the patient through the Emergency Department, members of our Access Management team are the first face the patient will encounter.

Access Management team members register each patient as they come into the hospital.  Director Dawn Jarrin recently joined the SMC team, returning to the area from Oklahoma where she managed both urgent care and family care practices.  Dawn said, “My job is to communicate and work with all of our team members so we are ready to help get every patient prepared for whatever reason they are here. We have a terrific group of dedicated team members working in the Emergency Department, Surgical Procedures, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Outpatient Registration, Centralized Scheduling and Insurance Verification.”

The hospital has its flow and the Access Management team is so important in getting the patients off on the right foot during their stay, whether it is for a week or just for a few hours. They make sure the hospital has all of the patients’ up-to-date information, that procedures and tests are scheduled and reach out to the insurance carriers to make sure the procedure will be covered.  

Dawn Jarrin admits there are challenges that all members of the Access Management team face in the summer with more patients coming through the Emergency Dept. with higher admissions.  “I am so impressed with how quickly our team responds in the ED. They do not hesitate for a moment; constantly monitoring who is coming in the door and conveying messages back to nurses. It is a different population than we see throughout the year, more accidents that come from more visitors to the area and our team works with all areas of the hospital for bed placement,” added Jarrin. While she admitted that sometimes the numbers do tick up, the managers always jump in to help out. “This is an all-hands-on-deck group that realizes the most important thing we can do is help patients in a calm and friendly manner because that will help to calm them during what can be a stressful time.”