CVI and Interventional Radiology

David Gittle, RN

June 18, 2020

Throughout much of the pandemic, there were restrictions on non-emergent services provided at Shore and every other hospital in the country. But members of our community who were experiencing issues related to their heart and cardiovascular system needed care right away, and the team at Shore was ready to care for them. This is why we are proud to highlight the #shorehealthcareheroes of our Cardiovascular Services and Interventional Radiology teams. 

Shore Medical Center's Cardiovascular services features a team of highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses and support staff that provides comprehensive cardiovascular health services with a special emphasis on advanced diagnosis, education and prevention. The team uses sophisticated technology for diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the heart and circulatory system. Through our cardiology affiliation with Penn Medicine, Shore offers patients with cardiovascular disease the highest levels of medical expertise and care, the latest advances and techniques as well as access to Penn’s leading interventional cardiologists in our state-of-the art facilities.

“A patient who has liver disease, can’t wait for treatment. The same goes for someone who may have clots or blockages. These issues simply could not be put off, so for our team, nothing ever shut down,” said Paul Sikora, Clinical Supervisor, Cardiovascular Services. “People with acute and chronic need to be treated and it is our job to do so. 

“These are our patients, we have to take care of the sick, regardless of a pandemic or any other issue that may come up. Our team is extremely dedicated and hard working. We’re also easy going and able to adapt to different situations.”

Sikora continued, “the overall skill set in our area is phenomenal. Dr. Florio and his team have been incredible. We also have great leaders, including Jen Pero, John Gosner, Mei Gavrell and Robin Keyak. Everything has gone extremely well during a time that could have been a disaster.  

When he looks back at this time, Sikora said that he will remember that the work they did during this pandemic truly mattered. “Our patients needed us, and we were able to care for them and make a difference.