Fourth Grade Students Inspire St. Joseph’s Faculty, Staff, and Peers to Raise Money for Shore’s Cancer Center

November 21, 2017

One St. Joseph’s student wanted to bring attention to breast cancer awareness month by wearing pink highlights to school.  After finding out that the highlights didn’t adhere to the dress code, the fourth-grader discussed her desire with her principal and together they thought about other ways to make an impact.  Mia Kaczmarski, teamed up with friend Hanna Kuniewicz, and set out to get their entire school community involved in a positive endeavor. 

The pair got together at the local Starbucks to plan the event.  They decided on a school-wide dress down day, where faculty, staff, and students alike could wear pink (or any other color) to school in exchange for a $1 donation. They wrote and presented the idea to their school community via morning announcements. Mia’s mother, Kimberly, is a Compliance and Quality Manager at the Cancer Center, which is where the students decided the money would be donated.

The fundraiser took place on Thursday, October 26 and raised $511 for Shore’s Cancer Center.  The students’ effectively spread the word about the event, leading to almost 100% participation by school employees and students.  Afterwards, they made sure to thank everyone who participated for their donation and spreading awareness.

On Monday, November 20, Mia and Hanna presented a check to Joseph Johnston, Administrative Director of Oncology Services at the Cancer Center and David Hughes, CFO and Chief Development Officer to benefit Shore’s Cancer Center.  To learn more about the Cancer Center, visit  To donate, call Shore’s Planned Giving and Development department at (609) 653-3800.