“No Shave November” Puts Men’s Health into the Spotlight!

November 03, 2016

If you see your male friends and family members suddenly growing a mustache or beard, you may think that they are gearing up for the colder weather coming our way. However, they probably are participating in “No Shave November,” a movement started in 2009 to grow cancer awareness and raise funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education, particularly for prostate cancer.

Whether you choose to shave in November or not, men’s health is something to be taken seriously. Early detection of prostate cancer and other health issues that commonly effect men is crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses. Although the term “men’s imaging” is not one commonly used, at Advanced Shore Imaging in Northfield we recognize the need for specialized preventative and diagnostic testing specifically for men.

“When it comes to detection of prostate cancer and all other illnesses, we wanted to make sure that we have the best technology and care available to men in our community,” said Tom Yu, Medical Director of ASI. “We offer customized care and quick results that will be read by board-certified, fellowship trained radiologists.  From low dose lung CTs and prostate MRI to vascular ultrasound and x-rays, we cover all men’s imaging needs.”

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