Physical Therapist Gayle Cogan is Shore Medical Center's Employee of the Month

October 07, 2021

Shore Medical Center is proud to announce that physical therapist, Gayle Cogan of Linwood is the October Employee of the Month. 

After graduating from Quinnipiac University Cogan joined the SMC team in 1995 in the Acute Care setting, beginning her journey as one of the most caring and dedicated therapists. “Her enthusiasm and spirit were a bright and welcome addition to the team,” said Ann Lahr, Lead Occupational Therapist at Shore Medical Center. “She then joined the Shore Care team to provide in-home physical therapy. This allowed her to develop her skills in another area of her profession, while offering excellent care to those who could not leave their homes. Gayle stayed with Shore Care until their closing.” 

She continued working in the homecare industry while raising her family.  According to Jennifer Pesce, Director of Rehabilitation, “Gayle has been the perfect example to her children of what dedication, empathy and hard work look like. Setting that example has obviously paid off, her son Scott is a junior at The College of New Jersey enrolled in a dual program with SUNY for optometry and her daughter, Cindy is a junior and a top student at Mainland Regional High school.”

Cogan returned to SMC in the Acute Care setting in 2012 and has again become an invaluable team member. While working, she completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Stockton University in 2017. 

“Gayle’s dedication and persistence has never been more evident than in the past 18 months. During this most unusual time in healthcare she has held steady and is proactive in recognizing the needs of the Rehab Team and SMC as a whole. She has volunteered to work odd shifts and extra hours without hesitation,” added Pesce. 

“If we could all embody just a little of the qualities that Gayle maintains, the world would be a much better place,” concluded Lahr.