Shore Honors its Emergency Department Team for Compassion and Professionalism

June 20, 2019

The staff in the Emergency Department are a special breed of compassion and steadfast work ethic rolled into one. June 14 was a chance for the members of the ED Team to be recognized for the job they do that affects the patients and their families that come through the door in need of help.

Funda Dalkirmaz RN, Gina Gareffi RN, Charles Iannarello, Jose Mendoza-Mejia, Nicole Lerner RN, Alexa Ellis RN, Suzie Price pharmD, Tracy Fooks MSW, Jen Luna RN, Marissa Dela Pena RN, Lam Vo RN, Jamie Scarlata RN, Jenell Lee RN and Dr. Keith Grim of the Shore Medical Center Emergency Department all had an important role in making a difference for an extremely critical patient who arrived at Shore.

According to the report submitted by Jenell Lee RN, on the afternoon of May 21  the team members in the Emergency Department focused all of their talents and work in concert with one another to provide the best outcome for the patient.

The patient arrived via medics and immediately had RN, Funda Dalkirmaz at bedside, Charlie Iannarello put in the central line and checked blood pressure Dr. Keith Grim intubated the patient. As the report explained- each person on the ED team had an important role in the successful outcome for the patient while maintaining the flow of the ED.

A letter read to the group from Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer Linda Kenwood touched on the dedication of the ED staff saying that she is impressed with their compassion, competency and teamwork but the events of May21 really hit home. “Everyone is focusing on the entire department, supporting one another and especially the very critical patient. The team is professionally, quietly and competently doing everything necessary to manage the overwhelming patient needs in the ED at that time.”  

Also recognized was RN Lam Vo for her personal effort on a very busy evening in the ED in March. Dr. William Schumacher said he had seen more than 30 patients in the first six hours of the shift. During the very busy day, a non-English speaking patient arrived who was very ill and getting a history would have been difficult. Lam Vo assessed the situation immediately and by the time Dr. Schumacher entered the room in four minutes, Lam had already established the necessary safety net and got the history needed so that physician was able to give the patient the help she needed at once. “Without this help it would have taken much longer to make the diagnosis,” said Dr. Schumacher.

Alan Beatty, Vice President of Human Resources said “I am so proud of what your team does to take care of our community, our neighbors and our families every day. What you do makes a difference.” Joe Johnston, Administrative Director of the Cancer Center and Emergency Services reflected at the event saying that it takes a special person to do the job in the ED and to work with patients who did not plan for whatever brought them through the doors to the ED and may be dealing with many emotions.
Patient Experience Director, Tami Kitchen said it is nice to be able to recognize how the team works together because sometimes we all lose sight of the many things that go right every day.