Shore to Host Virtual Colorectal Cancer Lunch & Learn with NBC10’s Ted Greenberg and Experts from Penn Medicine and Southern Oncology Hematology Associates March 31

March 16, 2021

Shore Medical Center is hosting a virtual colorectal cancer panel discussion via Zoom on Wednesday, March 31, 12-1 pm, to recognize Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in partnership with NBC10, Penn Medicine, and Southern Oncology Hematology Associates (SOHA). The panel will be moderated by NBC10 Jersey bureau reporter Ted Greenberg, a colon cancer survivor treated at Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center. This interactive event is free and open to the public and those interested in participating should register online at  

Joining Greenberg will be Dr. Joshua Bleier, Penn Medicine colon and rectal surgeon who treated Greenberg; Dr. Vijay Sandilya, Medical Director of Shore Cancer Center; and Certified Diabetes Educator and Registered Dietitian Tiffany Rios of Shore Physicians Group.

The medical experts will specifically address the importance of scheduling colorectal cancer screenings as soon as possible, noting that COVID-19 significantly delayed colorectal cancer screenings during the pandemic. According to a study by the Epic Health Research Network released in May 2020, colorectal cancer screenings abruptly declined by 86% during the pandemic compared to prior years. Early detection is critically important because it can catch cancer early when it is most treatable. In fact, if caught early, there is a 90 percent chance colorectal cancer can be cured.

Topics that will be covered during the discussion include colorectal cancer and screening guidelines; types of screenings available; advances in surgical techniques; the dangers of delaying screenings; how diet can impact your risk of developing colorectal cancer; and how care can be integrated with Penn Medicine, Shore Cancer Center and SOHA to help those with a colorectal cancer diagnosis receive treatment close to home.