Shore Presents First Daisy Awards to 12 Nurses

Former Shore Medical Center Chief Nursing Officer, Linda Kenwood presents DAISY Award recipient, Erica Sickler with the Healers Touch sculpture.  

July 20, 2021

Every day and in every way our nurses make a difference in the lives of their patients. Shore Medical Center recently joined more than 4,800 other healthcare facilities and schools of nursing in recognizing the outstanding work of nurses with the DAISY Award. The DAISY (Disease Attacking the Immune System) Award shines a light on the dedication and effort nurses bring to the job. The program was started in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes honoring his love of the nurses who cared for him.

SMC held the first DAISY Award pinning ceremony recently and 12 deserving nurses received their DAISY pins and each had the opportunity to hear what the person nominating them had say about them. It was a touching tribute to the nurses who also received a certificate, healers touch sculpture along with their pin. Those receiving the DAISY Award also have access to scholarships and continuing education opportunities.  The DAISY Award recipients are:

  • Valerie Guilfoy (5 Hayes)
  • Carly Schell (ED)
  • Dan Wachenheim (ED)
  • Erica Sickler (ED)
  • Mae Pangilinan (5 Hayes)
  • Gina Chern (ASOI)
  • Bernadette Gavilan (5 Stainton)
  • Marlyn Cuerquis (ASOI)
  • Ashley Vanaman (MCH)
  • Kelly Dwyer (ICU)
  • Joyce Caselli (ICU)
  • Ben D’Aulerio (ICU)