#Shorehealthcareheroes: 5th Stainton

Bisma Munir, Lacey Straub, Erin Mitchell and Janet Perry


May 18, 2020

In this edition of #Shorehealthcareheroes, we share with you the insight and wisdom of Elaine Toolsie, MSN RN CNRN who is the nurse manager at 5th Stainton. 

In 1981, a Nursing Professor, Dr. Marilyn Ann Ray developed the Theory of Bureaucratic Caring which states that “improved patient safety, infection control, reduction in medication errors, and overall quality of care in complex bureaucratic health care systems cannot occur without knowledge and understanding of complex organizations, such as the political and economic systems, and spiritual-ethical caring, compassion and right action for all patients and professionals.”  

About 39 years later, there is the Covid-19 pandemic which makes the complexities of nursing far more extensive.  It has created heightened expectations for knowledge, and increases in nursing responsibilities, while existing alongside those who struggle with the demands of the healthcare system which has struck Shore Medical Center with a blunt blow.  

The harsh reality of the pandemic has not caused the staff to veer from practicing according to Shore Medical Center’s Mission, & Vision, nor has it caused the nurses to disregard the provisions of the Code of Ethics for Nurses.  So, on a daily basis, one will find the 5 Stainton staff facilitating face time between patients and families, making calls to spokespersons to provide updates, taking time to have light conversations with the patients, answering questions, donning PPE to prevent the spread of diseases, medicating patients, and showing concern for each other.  

Do all of these actions make the staff heroes?   Quite possibly, because through all of those actions, they manage to calm the fears of others while managing their own, help the weak to get stronger, courageous enough to answer questions honestly, and bold enough to volunteer to care for the Covid-19 patients.  There are those who are separated from the 5 Stainton family at this time like Virginia who has successfully written the lyrics for a song, scored the music, sang, and provided a recording to those from whom she is now separated. 

Finally, we listen to the slew of adjectives that are used at this time, but when we take all in perspective, the result shows that the staff is doing everything that they are trained to do.  However, since the pandemic is affecting an entire community, as are their actions, it seems appropriate to say that being a hero does not mean invulnerability, it simply means being brave enough to do what is needed.  Therefore, I am proud to say that all the staff of 5 Stainton are all heroes.