#Shorehealthcareheroes: PAT, PRE OP and PACU

Gina Schlachter, RN and Gail Wilkinson, RN

May 22, 2020

As we progress through these unprecedented times and continue our ongoing fight against Covid-19, we look towards our talented and compassionate staff at Shore Medical Center as they work vigorously day in and day out to push us further along on our path. Working through this global pandemic has been no easy task, though this is not the first time our team has encountered some form of adversity and like many times before we will most certainly overcome whatever lies ahead. As we adjust our approach to the variety of challenges we are currently facing, our #shorehealthcareheroes of the PAT, PRE OP and PACU teams remain focused on the importance of their role in regards to the overall success of our operation.  

“The PAT, Pre-op and PACU teams have continued to stay vigilant about screening all patients for Covid-19 symptoms” said Jennifer Pero, nurse manager a Shore Medical Center. Pero has experienced a number of changes in operations since the start of the pandemic, having to work around certain situations in order to ensure her team is able to work efficiently and effectively utilize all the resources available to them. “Since the outpatient volume is down, with elective cases being cancelled until May 26, these teams have gone through classes to help support their fellow nurses to become nurse extenders for those busy inpatient units (ICU, Tele and med-surg)”. Noting that the added restrictions placed on families and visitors in general have led to new workflows in providing discharge education and virtual calls among other things.  

“Our teams have gone through training for being “swabbers” not only at the hospital level but also for the county,” added Pero. “With several adjustments being required throughout the hospital, we decided to  transform the PreOp unit to be a “surge” or “overflow” unit, should the need arise. Others have taken it upon themselves to offer a helping hand when new issues are encountered. Our teams have gone above and beyond in their efforts to ensure that we are able to serve our community in the best possible way and we couldn't be more proud of them.