#Shorehealthcareheroes: Pharmacy

Front row L to R Mike Deleener, Jessica Howard Back row L to R Susie Price, Gee Welsh, Li Gao

May 27, 2020

Over the last couple of months we have found ourselves making several adjustments to our operations, adjustments that have been necessary in maneuvering through the various obstacles COVID-19 has presented us with. The #shorehealthcareheroes of our Pharmacy staff in particular have experienced several challenges along the way, as they are in charge of acquiring and providing our patients with much needed medications. Among these challenges has been the global shortage of clinically needed medication and supplies, a shortage that has had a massive impact on the resources available to us within the United States. With many items already in short supply, securing life saving drugs has become more difficult.

“One of the biggest challenges was keeping up clinically to the treatment protocols that were developing and trying to secure medications that the entire world was trying to obtain and then communicating such things to the hospital and medical staff,” said Matthew Piskun, Director of Pharmacy. “The Pharmacy has had to make operational changes almost on a daily basis especially early on when we had to navigate how to deliver and dispose of medications who were suspected of COVID-19.”
Even with several changes being made to our operations, the Pharmacy Department has remained focused on what is important.

“What I am most proud of in the Pharmacy is the selflessness and willingness they have to do whatever is necessary to get through this pandemic,” added Piskun. “Everyone is committed to work despite the natural concerns that come with working in such a situation, everyone collectively is flexing their hours, working in positions and hours that they normally do not, and volunteering to take time off due to the reduction in hours that have been necessary.”
The Pharmacy Department continues to work hard to obtain these vital drugs and keep communication open with hospital staff, as we all work together for the safety and well being of our patients.