#ShoreHealthcareHeroes: Sterile Processing

Henry Guzman, Mary Myers, Sharon Pliska, Julie Kin, Norma Revero, John Towler

June 09, 2020

The #shorehealthcareheroes of the Sterile Processing department are the faces behind the scenes that our patients do not see and may not even be aware of, working long and physically demanding hours to meet the challenges presented toward the prevention of the spread of disease. 

The highly technical and detailed work they do is vital for the safety and well being of our patients. They are the first line of defense in our fight against the spread of infection and disease not just during the pandemic, but every day throughout the year.

Sterile Processing Departments are often referred to as the "hub" or the "heart' of the Hospital. Shore's Sterile processing department is no different,” said Karen Burns RN BSN CNOR, Manager Operating Room & Sterile Processing Department.  “Our team is required to know, intricately, hundreds of instruments, understand how micro-organisms spread, and know the technology involved in the decontamination and reprocessing, cleaning, and sterilization of the instrumentation and patient care equipment.“

Shore Medical Center Sterile Processing department staff have maintained their dedication and commitment throughout this pandemic. And, although one might think they had "little' to do because elective surgeries were postponed, they have been an integral part of patient care throughout the Hospital. 

“They know the effect their work can have on patient outcomes, especially during these difficult and stressful times,” added Burns. “I am most proud of how they continue to quietly and professionally go about their mission.