Special Care Nursery

Expert Neonatology & Pediatric Care Onsite 24/7/365

Onsite Neonatal Partners – a nationally renowned group of nearly 40 expert neonatologists – provides 24/7/365 onsite neonatology care.

Onsite Neonatal Partners’ mission is to bring top quality care to premature or sick infants born in community hospitals—not only those fortunate enough to be born in large academic hospitals. With a unique model that places neonatologists in hospitals 24/7/365, Onsite has been able to improve quality of care and reduce risk for the more than 100,000 premature or otherwise fragile full term infants whose care they have supervised.

Shore’s Special Care Nursery, supported by Onsite neonatologists, is equipped to handle newborn deliveries as early as 32 weeks and provides highly specialized care. Our Special Care Nursery team uses high-tech monitoring devices for sick or special-care newborns, allowing these babies to remain with the family rather than requiring transfer to another hospital.