The Cancer Center at Shore Medical Center

Cancer can be frightening. Shore Medical Center responds with optimism and real solutions: a comprehensive, nationally-recognized program combining the best-available technology, experts and services. 

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Cancer Center

The Cancer Center at Shore Medical Center

A cancer diagnosis is an experience that is unique to every individual. At Shore Medical Center, we respond to each diagnosis with optimism and real solutions: a comprehensive, nationally-recognized program that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to provide you with the best experts, technology and quality care.

A Nationally Recognized Cancer Care Program

Built to be the best, Shore’s comprehensive cancer program has received national recognition from two very important quality assurance organizations:

American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

Since 1987, Shore Medical Center has received approval from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC), by meeting or exceeding the organization’s stringent standards for patient care. Only one in four community cancer programs nationwide are qualified to earn this level of approval. Approval is granted to those facilities that have voluntarily committed to provide the best in cancer diagnosis and treatment and are able to comply with established CoC standards. Each cancer program must undergo a rigorous evaluation and review of its performance and compliance with the CoC standards every three years. CoC-approved cancer programs throughout the nation diagnose and/or treat 80 percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients annually.

The Region’s First Center For Lung Nodule Evaluation And Treatment

Shore's Advanced Pulmonary Diagnostic Center offers a one-stop setting designed to provide you with a fast, convenient and comprehensive way to have lung nodules and other lesions evaluated or monitored optimally and with state-of- the-art skills and technology. We also provide expedited services in giving a timely diagnosis and treatment approach for those with lung cancer.

Under the direction of leading area pulmonologist Dr. Bennett Ojserkis, we have brought together the region’s most passionate and highly skilled pulmonary team. Every patient receives thorough testing and consultation to determine their best course of action, thereby minimizing unnecessary medical or surgical procedures.


Support the Cancer Center

The programs offered at Shore's Cancer Center would not be possible without the support of community members like you. For more information on how you can support Shore's Cancer Center and other programs for our current and future patients, Click Here.