Shore Medical Center is your hospital. It could not exist without the generous support of countless volunteers and community-spirited people who selflessly give their time and energy, as well as their financial support. Your active support is critical to maintain Shore’s position as a leading-edge hospital.

With a focus on patient centered care, we have implemented several innovative volunteer programs that have been internationally recognized.  Two of our many volunteer opportunities are our award winning "GPS" Patient and Visitor Navigator Program and No One Dies Alone programs. No One Dies Alone, introduced at Shore in 2009, is a volunteer program that provides companions for patients near death who do not have any family or close friends to be with them in their final hours. Volunteers sit with the patients and offer solace through meditation, music, poems or the simple gesture of a touch.

Become a Volunteer

Join the ranks of our in-service volunteers. Over 400 strong, this group of men, women and students play a crucial role in the healthcare process. They are people of all ages, from all walks of life, who give their time and energy in support of Shore Medical Center and its patients. Share the rewards, friendship and satisfaction of volunteering.

Shore Medical Center, the first hospital in New Jersey to achieve Planetree Designation and whose foundation is patient-centered care, gratefully supports a volunteer system that's over 400 strong. Our volunteers are people from all walks of life who give of their time and energy here at Shore. 

Volunteering is Good for Your Health

From alleviating stress to staying active, Volunteering can improve your health and help you live longer. Click here to read a wonderful article recent published by the Mayo clinic to learn more about the health benefits of volunteering

Five Volunteer Roles that Make a Big Impact on Patient Care at Shore

If you're looking for a volunteer opportunity that enables you to make a real difference, look no further than Shore Medical Center. Click Here.

So if you're interested in sharing the rewards, friendships and satisfaction of volunteering call 609-653-3543.

Junior Volunteer Program

Every summer, our volunteer ranks swell as local high school students give back to their community through volunteerism at Shore Medical Center.  This popular program provides a real-word introduction to the world of healthcare for area youth.

Junior Volunteers are placed in either patient care or non-patient care departments depending upon their area of interest.  All teen volunteers must be at least 14 years old, and 16 years old to serve in patient care areas.

If you are a high school student looking to explore the diverse world of healthcare, Shore Medical Center’s Junior Volunteer program is for you.  To kick start your volunteer experience at Shore, contact the Volunteer Office at 609-653-3543 for an application packet.

For information or questions please call 609-653-3543.