Rehabilitation Services

Trained therapists use advanced technology to provide patients with the fastest and most complete road to recovery. Specialized physical, occupational and speech therapies are administered according to the instructions of your doctor. In addition, an extended care physical therapy program is available to help you develop an independent program.

Physical therapy

When patients make the amazing transformation from wheelchair to walker to crutches to treadmill, hours of challenging physical therapy precede each difficult step. Shore Medical Center patients experience incredible recoveries every day. Physical therapy can help patients restore range of motion, confidence and quality of life from conditions such as stroke, repetitive motion injury, arthritis, back pain, surgery and more.

Advanced Training, Compassionate Care
The advanced training of Shore's licensed therapists is complemented by some of the best tools in the industry, including cutting-edge electrical stimulation devices and the latest isokinetic and Nautilus-style exercise machines. Physical manipulation allows therapists to mobilize joint capsules to regain accessory motion and increase range. Whirlpools and other hydrotherapies are often used to improve circulation. Relieving patient pain is the top priority. Once a patient's pain is under control, therapists can concentrate on stretching and strengthening the injured area.

Finally, therapists work to improve a patient's overall fitness level often through aerobic exercise. Detailed exercise recommendations are also provided to help the recovery continue at home. For patients who have completed their physical therapy treatments, but are not quite ready to join a fitness center, the department also offers a self-pay extended conditioning program.

To learn more about physical therapy and whether you could benefit, talk with your physician or call the Shore Medical Center Physical Therapy Department at 609-653-3512.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy is offered to Shore Medical Center inpatients and outpatients. Licensed speech therapists are available seven days per week to diagnose and treat speech disorders. Specialized modified barium swallows are performed to diagnose swallowing disorders and develop treatment plans. To schedule an outpatient modified barium swallow as prescribed by your physician, call 609-653-4600.

To schedule an outpatient speech therapy appointment please call 609-653-4600.

Occupational Therapy

Shore Medical Center's Occupational Therapy program is provided by licensed therapists to help patients regain their independence in life skills, including dressing, feeding and routine home activities. In coordination with physical therapy, these highly skilled therapists work to maximize the patient's safe recovery.

To learn more about occupational therapy visit