Grace Knitters Use their Passion to Help New Moms and Babies

The Grace Knitters are joined with nurses and representatives of Shore Medical Center at the Grace Lutheran annual baby shower that provides new and hand knitted items for mothers and their newborns at Shore.

May 17, 2022

The women of Grace Lutheran Church in Somers Point have devoted their time, talent, and commitment to help new mothers and their babies born at Shore Medical Center for the past 16 years. The Grace Knitters, led by Bettie Cross and her friends, meet weekly at the church to knit and crochet beautiful baby blankets, caps, and other items which they donate to Shore’s maternity department. Members of the Grace Lutheran congregation contribute new clothes, diapers, and wipes for the mothers, as well.

On May 6, the knitters gathered for their annual Baby Shower event where they present everything they have made to Shore maternity department nurses. Tables lined the room, stacked with delicate pink, blue, yellow, green, and white caps, blankets, booties, and sweaters. 

At the event, Cross told a story about an encounter she had with a woman holding a baby wrapped in a very distinguishable blanket. “She told me it was the only blanket she had for her young daughter and that it was given to her at Shore when her baby was born. I knew it was one I had made and I was so happy to see it brought comfort to this young mother,” said Cross. 

Knitting is a time-honored talent that all of the Grace Knitters embrace. Barbara Mueller of Somers Point said, “It is so relaxing to knit. I love that I can sit and my hands are busy but it is a very automatic kind of action,” said Mueller. “I am working and creating something and yet the action of knitting has an almost Zen-like quality to it.” 

Mina D’Agostino of Egg Harbor Township said she has been knitting her entire life. “My mother taught me as a little girl and I have just always done it. I love to make beautiful things,” said D’Agostino as she held up a hand-knitted quilt made completely of leftover yarn. “You can make something special for a beautiful little baby, even with leftovers.” 

Shore Special Care Nursery Nurse Danielle Flukey, RN said, “We love everything you have given us for the new mothers and their babies. We appreciate that we can send each new baby home with something that has been made with so much love.”