Inpatient Visits

Your condition may require your physician to admit you to Shore Medical Center for an overnight stay or longer. If your admission is scheduled, you may have pre-admission testing and will be given special instructions. Your physician will determine when you can be discharged.

Shore Medical Center recognizes that part of providing quality patient care and services includes respecting you as an individual, your privacy and facilitating your participation in healthcare decision making. We are your healthcare partners and as a patient you too have responsibilities that will greatly assist in your care. Provide your caregivers with accurate and complete information concerning your present complaint, past medical history, illness and relevant matters pertaining to your health. Report any changes in your condition to your physician or healthcare provider. And ask questions if you do not understand the information given to you about your condition and treatment options. The confidentiality of your health information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Only those directly involved with your care have access to your patient information. Additionally, if you prefer your hospitalization to remain confidential to friends or family who may call, you can ask to be excluded from the patient information telephone listing. Shore Medical Center is pleased to offer wireless service to our patients and visitors. This service is available free of charge to those who bring in their personal wireless-enabled laptop computer. Use of this service is entirely at the risk of the user. Prospective users must read and acknowledge our disclaimer displayed on their laptop screen once connected to the guest network. We ask that all visitors respect visiting hours and guidelines.