Spirit of Shore

Exceptional clinicians, advanced technology and knowledgeable staff are all critical components of a successful healthcare organization. An important part of the healing process is the attention paid to the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients.

At Shore Medical Center, we recognize the importance of meeting patients’ individual needs. It is not just about providing an extra blanket or a few kind words. It’s about individualized attention to details and creating exceptional patient and family experiences. All of this plays an essential part in helping patients recover faster and prepare for their transition back home.

Integrative Therapy

There are multiple avenues for promoting healing. Shore’s utilization of integrative therapies works in tandem with traditional healthcare services for acute pain, symptom management and stress management.

Shore’s Patient Comfort Menu includes back and hand massages in addition to reflexology and Reiki treatments. The Spirit of Shore team members, many of whom hold certifications in integrative therapies, provide complimentary chair massage, Reiki, reflexology, hand massage and aromatherapy sessions for members of the community, physicians and hospital staff.

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Shore’s Patient Family Advisory Council was formed in July of 2010 as a way to involve patients and the community in shaping the healthcare experience at Shore. The council, made up of former Shore patients and family members, community members and volunteers, meets bi-monthly to share stories, provide valuable feedback on its members’ hospital experiences and assist our leadership in decision making by incorporating their perspectives into our organization’s philosophy and operation. Through these meetings, Shore staff members educate the council about the medical center and healthcare issues in general.

No One Dies Alone

No One Dies Alone is a volunteer program that provides companions for patients near death who do not have any family or close friends to be with them in their final hours. Volunteers sit with the patients and offer solace through meditation, music, poems or the simple gesture of a touch.

Care for the Patient

Through its Spirit of Shore initiatives, Shore Medical Center offers a host of supplemental programs designed to help bring a smile to patients when they need it the most.

Caring Clowns

Shore’s Bumper “T” Caring Clowns use laughter to brighten a patient’s day. These volunteers, each possessing the honorary degree of “funnyboneologist,” are trained in sensitivity and listening in medical center settings.

Circle of Friends

This group of Shore employees and volunteers creates, collects and distributes handmade blankets, shawls and lap covers for patients in need of a little comfort.

Pet Therapy

Volunteers are not all of the two-legged variety. Pet therapy at Shore provides an opportunity for patients to interact with one of the medical center’s trained therapy dogs.

Activity and Book Carts

Patients and their families can take advantage of a fun distraction, whether it is a good book, a board game or a puzzle donated to Shore and distributed by one of our dedicated volunteers. Bookshelves and/or magazine racks are installed in all family waiting rooms, providing more materials for patients and their families.