Shore Medical Center and Community Benefit

Shore Medical Center is truly dedicated to the community by improving the health of people who live and work in the communities we serve. Throughout our history, Shore has recognized its role in providing programs and services that focus on access to health care, prevention, and health improvement. While our community benefit programs address the needs of the overall community, we strive to maintain special attention on the needs of low-income and vulnerable populations. We are proud of the quality and compassionate care that we provide to all members of our community.

Shore Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years Shore Medical Center is required to perform a community health needs assessment to identify gaps or needs of the community.  In addition, an implementation strategy was developed to identify Shore Medical Center’s plan of action for community benefit projects.

Click on the links below to view Shore Medical Center's completed Community Health Needs Assessment and the Implementation Strategy that identifies the means by which Shore plans to address the identified community health needs from 2020 through 2022 as part of its Community Benefit Program.

Click Here for the Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy.

Click Here for the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Click Here for Impact of Prior Community Needs Health Assessment