The Lightkeeper’s Society at Shore Medical Center

September 13, 2019


Lighthouses have dotted the coastline for centuries with their beacons guiding ships through safe waters and keeping them from running aground on rough shoals. In years past a lightkeeper was there 24/7 and made sure that beacon never failed and boats were able to navigate to safe harbors.

The Lightkeeper’s Society at Shore Medical Center mirrors the maritime light keeper’s; “We help guide and navigate for our members,” said Mary McGuckin, manager of the Lightkeeper’s Society, adding,  her entire Lightkeeper Liaison team navigates, facilitates and advocates for our members and their families. “Our goal is always to provide and ensure the best experience possible.”

Started in 2008, the Lightkeeper’s Society honors its generous donors who make an annual commitment of $5000 or more.  We thank these donors for their thoughtfulness and generosity by presenting them with access to our Lightkeeper Liaison Team, who is available around the clock to help address our member’s individual healthcare needs. Whether it’s an emergency or scheduled care at Shore Medical Center, your personal Lightkeeper Liaison is available to help facilitate your hospital-based care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The tax-deductible donation helps to further enhance the delivery of care for all patients at SMC.  McGuckin said, “We are a not-for-profit hospital that relies on the generosity of the people in the surrounding communities.  Gratitude is strongly associated with feelings of happiness and contributes to improved overall wellness. At Shore Medical Center, we are grateful for the financial support our community provides for the health of our neighbors.  It’s a true testament to our donors making an investment in their community.”

The Lightkeeper’s Society Manager added, “Everyone is triaged according to acuity when they come into the emergency department, which goes without saying. As a Lightkeeper, you will have a familiar face by your side from triage to treatment which creates a level of comfort and assurance when you need it the most.”

At the heart of our Lightkeeper’s Society program is the personal relationship participants share. McGuckin added, “We know all of our Lightkeeper Society members and when one of our members needs medical assistance, we make sure to help in any way we can.” She went on to explain that navigating the health care system has become more difficult as insurance becomes more complex. “We are here to help navigate that somewhat difficult journey, making peace of mind part of your healthcare experience,” concluded McGuckin.

Jessica Mazzoni has been a Lightkeeper Liaison for three years. Mazzoni said she really enjoys the interaction with its members and values the relationships that have been forged.  “My fellow teammates and I offer a helping hand and guidance. We take pride in the trust that has been formed between our team and members.” Mazzoni added that there is nothing more rewarding then ensuring members and their families have the best experience here at Shore. I genuinely treat and care for our members as if they were my family. “It can be a very tense and trying time when someone is in the Emergency Department and my focus is to keep my patients and family members informed and give them an extra level of comfort,” said Mazzoni.

From physician and specialist recommendations to helping navigate our health system, a Lightkeeper Liaison will make every effort to facilitate your healthcare needs. This includes providing personal assistance during an emergency situation. Should you or a family member require immediate medical attention, a Lightkeeper Liaison will come to the emergency department at Shore Medical Center, offering support, guidance and assistance.

Additional benefits of being a member of the Lightkeeper Society include a private room when available if admission is required, assistance in arranging and expediting appointments, tests, procedures and health screenings. The Lightkeeper Liaison team will advocate on members behalf when family is unavailable. Liaison team members will also provide recommendations for outpatient services, in-home care and medical supply resources.

Lightkeeper’s Society members also receive: Free valet parking, invitations to Shore’s monthly community health education events, free annual social memberships and other incentives issued by Mary McGuckin to Linwood Country Club & Greate Bay Country Club-Fitness-Racquet-Spa, $50 off your ticket to Shore’s annual “A Cause to Celebrate” Gala, plus discounts available at our community partner establishments.

Become a Lightkeeper today and establish a relationship with the people and hospital that will care for you and your family. McGuckin added, “No one thinks about their hospitals until they need them.”

To become a Lightkeeper or for additional information or questions visit or please contact: Mary McGuckin, Manager / Lightkeeper’s Society 609-653-4657 or email